Fireplace Tips

Speaking of options, you have three different types of gas fireplaces to choose from when you’re looking to change your current setup. You can either get an insert, which goes into the current fireplace setup that you have, or you can choose from one of two types of gas logs – vented, and vent free.

Before you make a decision, make sure that the area that you live in allows you to have vent free options – some areas do not allow you to do so because they worry about the potential issues with it.

That being said, vent free options are completely safe, so they’re worth a look if they’re legal in your area. After you choose which option you’re going to take (and you will make that decision based on the amount of heat that they give off and what options you can have in your particular home setup), you then have to worry about a variety of other factors.

The next thing, of course, has to do with the gas. Is there a way for you to get the gas to the fireplace easily, or are you going to have to pay someone to come in and install a new one for you?

If it’s the second choice, then you want to make sure that you fit that into your budget, because it could cost another couple hundred dollars for you to do so. Talk to your gas specialist or your installation specialist to see how they can help to reduce that price for you and what they may be able to do to save a little time and headache.